Tips for Users

This is a small community network site and that comes with some limitations. Big social networks rely on large amounts of processing power, server resources, and storage space. All that stuff we think of as “the cloud”. The cloud is a combination of hardware and software that allows large scale processing at lightning fast speeds. These services cost a lot of money to use.

Uploading Images

For the purposes of this small community network we ask that you follow these guidelines when posting media:

  • Resize images before you upload
  • Profile picture dimensions should be between 400x400px and 600x600px
  • other images shouldn’t be no larger than roughly 1200px wide and 600px high

This is a test site so I appreciate your attention to keeping our bandwidth usage small. You can resize images with Preview on a Mac and PC users can utilize either the Photos app or Microsoft Paint

Other Types of Media

Creating Groups and Forums