About Lowlands Press

This is an independent media project whose goal is to provide a framework for small(ish) communities to share ideas. This is intended to be a collaboration and I will avoid injecting too many of my own opinions into this first statement of mission. My sincere ambition is that others will see the need for small scale community based media and understand the utility of having online social networks whose primary goal is the health and well being of our communities and not collecting data on you for the sole purpose of exploiting you. This site will not share your information. This site is not a place of grievances it is a place for constructive and rational sharing of ideas, dreams, and concerns.

The internet started as a publicly funded project. Like public parks it should be owned by everyone and the ideas on it should reflect the diversity of ideas that make up a strong, vibrant community. However, we do not support hate speech in any form toward any group. Black Lives Matter. No Human is Illegal. Women’s Rights are Human Rights. Trans is Beautiful. Love is Love. Science is Real.